Proven source of High Chrome, Austenitic Manganese steel, Ni Hard, Carbon steel, Low alloy steel and High alloy steel casting. Specialist in Bi-Metallic Centrifugal Rollers.

Northern Alloys Bhavnagar Limited (NABL) is a renowned supplier of a full range of high technology steel and special alloy steel castings for service in wear resistant and high temperature environments.

Our Company is well equipped with latest facilities for manufacturing quality casting from 3.5 Kgs. to 1500 Kgs per pc.

For the very best product at cost competitive prices, NABL has noted the following three factors :

(A) Production
(B) Quality
(C) Design & Supply

With over 37 years of experience in the production of cast engineered products, casting quality is guaranteed. .

The emphasis placed on the metallurgical component design and supply can be gauged from the history of research and innovation at NABL which has brought their position today among the leading Steel foundries in India for manufacture of wear and abrasion resistant and high Chromium castings. High Chromium alloys can be resistant to abrasion, corrosion and heat. They can also be tough and hard. Each of these qualities can be especially enhanced by alloying on heat treatment. By understanding environment conditions the perfect mix of qualities can be built into the product to give a cost effective component.

The modern foundry complex at NABL was designed and built by their own engineers to use modern production techniques in a new way which has the effect of allowing a large range of sizes and production quantities to be produced all to high tolerances and all in the very best hard iron alloy. For example castings ranging from 3.5 kgs. to 3.8 tones have been produced in fully machined condition for Department of Atomic Power Station, Critical impellers for under Sea Water applications approval under DGQCA.


   Our Products For

    Cement Plant
    Mineral /Mining & Crushing
    Chemical / Fertilizer
   Thermal Power Plant
    Road Infrastructure
    Earth Moving
    Other Products

Late Mr. M.L.Bhatia
[Founder and CEO]

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